Jim Kenzie is a veteran live and studio
singer/musician hailing from Detroit, Michigan. 
He's fronted bands including Hugh Rock, Dixon Richards, Jo Mama and Gnome Sane. 
His live performance credentials include opening for Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, and America.
His technical credits include 2 Grammy -nominated albums, studio work with Bachman-Turner Overdrive and touring, monitor sound gigs with 
Bruce Springsteen.

He handles "Mess with Emily's" sound responsibilities, achieving a lush mix WITHOUT massive volume. Bar owners love this guy.

Although his primary instrument is voice, he's also a keyboardist and guitarist. 
His day gig as a recording engineer/producer has exposed him to a plethora of different styles and genres.
He's not too proud to admit he's stolen a little bit from each of those, thus diversifying his abilities.
On a side note, he's a lousy bowler.