"Mess with Emily" is the perfect mix of both camaraderie and talent. Excellent musicians from top, regional acts like: Rodney Parker and Liberty Beach, Johnny Rocker and the Hitmen, The Beef Carvers, Harley Packer Band, Hugh Rock, that are buddies outside of music. This rarely happens in All-Star bands.
But, friendship is the foundation of "Mess With Emily."
That chemistry carries into the audience turning every night into a party.
With ALL FOUR fellas being lead singers, they have tremendous background
vocals, a rarity in bands, nowadays.  And, they won't cancel a gig because someone has a cold!!!  No prima donnas. No Auto-tune. Just veteran talent that'd be hanging out together whether they were in a band, or not.
If you're seeking a professional band with awesome vocals, presentation, following and guys that play at very comfortable volume level
we highly recommend you……….."Mess with Emily."